Gone to the Dogs

I am a dog person. Therefore, the idea of incorporating dogs into weddings is a marriage made in heaven as far as I am concerned. Our August 18th couple, Hannah and Jason, did just that by making their Boxer Barney the ring bearer ("Ring Security" was his official title on the programs) at their wedding at King Plow Arts Center. If you would like to include your dog in your wedding, the first step is to determined if your ceremony and/or reception site will allow your dog to partcipate in your wedding. Once you have determined that they will allow your precious pooch to participate, there are some definite "do's and don'ts" that go along with having your dog involved . First and foremost, remember that, even though we love our pets, not all of them are meant to be at weddings. Consider carefully whether your pet will be comfortable and happy at your ceremony or reception. As much as you may want your pet there, your pet may be far more content staying at home with a favorite toy. Secondly, decide what you want your pet to do. Keep in mind your pet's temperament and abilities. Lastly, designate someone to watch your pet. Even if your pet's role in the wedding is as simple as sitting next to you, neither you nor your fiancé can really be expected to give the pet your full attention during the wedding. Try to choose someone your pet already knows and trusts. If you can't, arrange a meeting ahead of time so your pet can get used to its minder for the day. Photo courtesy of theknot.com

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