Honeymoon Packing Tips: Part I

As I prepare to depart on a trip abroad for my Birthday (and a much needed break after Spring wedding season) later this month, I have been thinking a lot about packing- what to bring, how much to bring and how to get it all in my suitcase(s)! I am sure you brides-and-grooms-to-be are also thinking about this as you plan your honeymoon, so we decided to post this two part series of packing tips. {And don't you love the pretty luggage set above from Steamline?}

1. Pack light

Seems obvious but it’s always a challenge to pack as light as you know you should, because you want to look your best when on vacation. However, there are some things you can do to reduce the load and still look great. The first is to coordinate your vacation wardrobe so that every item you pack can mix and match with every other item.

Choose classic pieces with complementary colors as your basic wardrobe - a single pair of slacks, 1 pair of shorts, and a skirt if appropriate. These classic items can be combined with a selection of tops, belts, scarves, wraps and other less bulky accessories to fit most every occasion. And, by coordinating your vacation wardrobe you will also reduce the number of shoes you need to pack, which is a quick way to reduce bulk. For example, 1 pair of shoes for traveling, a pair of sandals and a pair of flit-flops is all that you really need for a tropical vacation, unless you plan to go on an eco adventure.

2. Don’t pack valuables

If you can’t live without that precious pendent, your grandmother’s ring, or your designer watch, then DO NOT pack them, and DO NOT bring them with you on vacation.

What with the opportunity for misplaced luggage, petty theft, and items you just forget to repack, savvy travelers tend to pack costume jewelry, whether or not their room has a safe. And…

You don’t want to wear flashy or expensive items while you are on vacation anyway because doing so will only attract pickpockets and undesirables.

There is nothing that can spoil your vacation faster than loosing something irreplaceable. So reduce stress and leave it behind, or…

Purchase travel insurance for anything of value that you must take with you, like your camera for example. Your homeowners’ policies may cover items that have been lost or stolen while on vacation.

3. Carry on essentials only

Pack only essentials in your carry on luggage - passport, travel documents, money, a complete change of clothes, your bathing suit, and perhaps a good book.

Delayed luggage, which often gets delivered to you the next day, is a lot easier to tolerate if you are in possession of a change of clothes, your medication and essential grooming tools, money and all your travel documents. This way you’ll breeze through any challenge the journey trough your way.


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