Amy's Bridal Portrait Session {and the benefits of having a bridal portrait session}

I know what you are thinking: "A bridal portrait!? How old school." It seems as though many brides think bridal portraits are a thing of the past or ultra traditional, but here are some advantages of having a portrait session before your wedding day:

*Practice makes perfect. Schedule your hair and make-up trial for the same day as the bridal portrait session. You will then get to see how your hair and make-up will look in photos on the day of the wedding and you can tweak if necessary. You will also get a sense of how your dress, veil and accessories will feel on your wedding day, so if you need to modify anything, you will have an opportunity to do so before you walk down the aisle.

*Get "the best of both worlds." Having a traditional/formal wedding? Think about taking your bridal portraits in a field or a much more casual setting so you get a variety of looks between your portrait and wedding day. Bring accessories that emphasize your personality. Cowboy boots might not be right for the day of your wedding, but if you love them, get a few pics at your bridal session.

*A bridal portrait session can save you time on the day of the wedding. With those photos out of the way, there will be more time for group bridal party and family photos which will hopefully get you to your reception faster!

And last, but not least, I think bridal portraits like Amy's look more like a magazine photo shoot than the uber posed, traditional portrait (those should be a thing of the past)! Thank you Tina Rowden for sharing these beautiful images with us and congratulations to Amy who was married last weekend.


Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

I couldn't agree more! Great post, Ashley. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful pictures too!

Kathleen said...

These are gorgeous!!