Jennifer and Jay on Southern Weddings Blog!

Yay! We are excited to see Jennifer and Jay's wedding on the Southern Weddings Magazine blog! I love to hear the back story of our couples-- Jen and Jay's engagement story {below} cracks me up. Enjoy the full posts here and here.

Describe the proposal. It’s embarrassing. I’m a little… hyper-organized. Jay had been living out of a bag and I’d ordered new dressers so he could have more storage. On the day that they arrived, I started putting all of his stuff away and found an oddly lumpy sock. I reached in a pulled out a blue box and proceeded to freak out. It was hard not to peak inside, but I exercised some super-human willpower and put it back where I found it. When Jay got home, I tried to play it off like I hadn’t found it, but he figured out what was going on within five minutes. His planned proposal (we were going to Mexico in a week) was pretty much ruined so he broke down and proposed one Sunday afternoon in bed. We still get a good laugh out of the whole debacle.

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