Lindsay & William: Part I

So, I am a blog stalker. I just looooove to see wedding pics after the big day, especially if one of our super talented ladies was working a wedding that I was not at. While perusing Shawna Herring's blog anxiously awaiting pics of Lindsay and Will's wedding that Amanda worked this weekend at King Plow, I found their engagement pics and learned something I did not know about them. Lindsay and Will were high school sweethearts and dated for eight years through college and as Lindsay completed Veterinary School! Not only that, but she shares the adorable story about how they started dating: "...Will finally got up the nerve to admit that he liked Lindsay, and he confessed to her best friend. She had just hung up the phone with Lindsay and put her cell in her pocket. She accidently pushed the call button which rang Lindsay and Will's entire confession was recorded in a voice mail on Lindsay's phone!" Shawna captured their fun, sweet spirit in these pics and even recreated their first kiss, which happened in the exact spot you see in the last pic here. Super cute. And I love that random finger-in-the-ear pic, too!

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