Invitation Wording: A Seated Dinner with a Choice of Entree

I came across this beautiful wedding on the green wedding shoes blog today and noticed something important I wanted to share with you about these amazing invitations {Love all of the beautiful letterpress and creative design!} from Twin Ravens Press. You will note that the response card indicates this will be a seated dinner with a choice of an entree. You will also see that the couple is asking the guests to initial their selection. PLEASE DO THIS IF YOU ARE HAVING A SEATED, PLATED MEAL WITH A CHOICE OF ENTREE! Too often we hear from brides who have not done this and are faced with the daunting task of then calling all of their guests to determine who is having the chicken and who is having the beef... At the wedding, it is appropriate to have an escort card that will let your guests know which table they are to be seated at as well as a place card assigning the guests to a particular seat at the table. Letting the venue staff know what your guests have chosen to eat can be done in a few ways including diagramming out each table with the entree selections of each guest {for the "back of the house"} or noting the guest's choice on their place card with a particular color ribbon, ink color, etc. for each menu selection. Happy Planning!

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