The FreeWedding Finalists

After hundreds of applications {yes, we really read through them ALL}, we have narrowed it down to- not three, not five- but EIGHT finalists to win the FreeWedding on May 31st.

We encourage you to fall in love with these couples as we have, and then vote for the one you love most on The NotWedding Blog. Voting will end on Sunday April 5, and we will announce the winner at The NotWedding on Sunday.

Nicki & Roni
In arguably the nation's most fast-paced city, it's not only unlikely that two strangers will cross paths twice in a day and finally stop for a conversation, it's virtually impossible that two completely unconnected New Yorkers will meet and marry. Roni and I are one in 8 million. We met eyes on the streets of Manhattan, regrettably went our separate ways, and found each other an hour later at the post office, picking up packages. Had it not been for an elderly woman asking Roni where to find a bathroom (and myself stepping in and suggesting a Starbucks), Roni would never have won me over the uber-smooth line, "Speaking of Starbucks, want to grab a coffee?" Two and a half years later, he proposed at the same post office, and here we are, telling our serendipitous story to become an inspirational backdrop to a once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

Leah & George

Chef george + Leah the designer + 12 hour work shifts = A hardworking easy going couple who cherishes every moment we get to spend with each other. We understand and appreciate how much heart and soul goes into planning events and would be absolutely grateful if for once in our lives we had the chance to give up full control (take a day off) and experience what it is like being on the other side. We don't let a day pass without telling each other how madly in love we are with one another.

Ayesha & Zachary

We are madly in love with one another and someday want to be just like our grandparents old, weird, and still in love. We are lovers of all things natural, impromptu travel, and sometimes disagree on movie night picks. We would love the free wedding because we want to plan a big marriage and not a big wedding. Plus we are both trying our hands at our own local community based sustainable businesses so we no longer have the cushion of the 9-5 but we do have our dreams and each other.

Kathryn & John

John and I are the absolute best fit for one another that I could ever imagine. He inspires me to free myself of all of the unnecessary, and just be in a world, in love. Five and a half years later, and a breath hasn't breathed past today...

Nicole & Jason

We are college sweethearts who were lucky enough to find each other four years ago, and we can't wait to celebrate the amazing love and support we have for each other at our wedding. Although this past year has been the most exciting yet, it has also been very stressful with trying to plan a wedding, buying a fixer-upper home, working full time, and now especially due to some family financial issues; therefore, Jason and I could really use the help and support of this amazing opportunity to be able to focus again on what has made life so good: being together!

Christiana & Israel

My fiancee and I seriously *heart* each other - we have for the past nine years of our lives. However, behind all the love is a grueling medical school study schedule and a growing mound of student loans to go with it. Without this free wedding, it'll be another decade before the dotted line we sign on is a marriage license instead of yet another promissory note!

Kirby & David

He's my rascal and I'm his square... but he rounds my corners and makes me a little bit cooler! David first called to ask me out the same day my little brother called to tell me he had cancer. I didn't call David back, but he left another message of support and somehow fell into our lives at a very difficult and emotional time. We fell in love hard despite family illness, the rigors of medical school, and eventually the stresses of designing and building the most environmentally friendly green home we could create. Our life is so wonderful together, and my brother is doing much better, but with me in school, the turn of the economy and a 40% drop in David's salary, we can hardly afford to keep this house, let alone have a wedding. With your vote, we might get both!!

Kaitlyn & Samuel

Single California creative doula and mom to 2 year old Jonah, meets Philadelphia traveling tour manager, Sam and he falls in love with both of them. Words to describe us? Adventurous, generous, organic, compassionate, creative, down-to earth, and distinctive. While Sam establishes himself in a new state, we are living in a tiny apartment so a sponsored wedding would free up some cash to give Jonah a bedroom, a yard to play in and for us to relish in the newlywed life!

UPDATE: Congratulations to the FreeWedding winners: Kaitlyn & Samuel!

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