1 Bridesmaids dress 12 WAYS!

I heard about this dress for the first time sometime last year- I think maybe on a blog. And I had almost forgotten about it when it appeared on the Martha Stewart show yesterday and again, I was amazed. This one dress can be worn- I kid you not- TWELVE different ways! I wouldn't believe it either, but I saw it with my own eyes! This dress was created by Arian Goldman of twobirds bridesmaid as an answer to finding a dress that each of your girls will feel comfortable in as well as something they will wear again. And I honestly believe that you could wear this again to a variety of functions {something I have never said about a bridesmaids dress to date!}. And it gets better: the dress is made of jersey spandex {it's comfortable!}, travels well and you can wash it by hand. It comes in 10 colors including the popular navy, black and espresso. The dress is "one size fits all": size "A" fits sizes 0-14 and size "B" is for plus sizes. There are two lengths- calf length with a "butterfly hem" {longer in the back} and floor length. This dress is a bit of an investment at $27o for the calf length and $290 for the floorlength dress, but will all of the possibilities to wear the gown again, it is very worth it!

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